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"Find cheaper tracks on Beatport Pro, mix tracks to hear how they sound together, and use detailed track info to save money and plan the perfect set."
Beat Navigator Pro

What is Beat Navigator Pro?

Mixing Tutorial

The brand new Pro version lets you mix tracks to hear how they sound together via two track decks, equalizer, cue points, waveform, BPM tapper, and a tempo slider for BPM matching. In addition, the Pro version saves you money by searching for cheaper versions of the same track.

Beat Navigator Pro integrates with the Beatport Pro website to display each track's BPM, duration, and musical key signature (in standard notation, Camelot notation, and Traktor notation). This information is added as a row under each track. Each row's text is color coded to match Traktor's key colors. Each added row contains a button for sending the track directly to the hold bin and looking up the track on YouTube. In the Beatport Pro player waveform area, Beat Navigator displays the currently loaded track's information. Beat Navigator Pro displays track artwork in the Shopping Cart and Hold Bin, where it is normally hidden. Beat Navigator Pro remembers played tracks across pages and uses the same played tracked indicator as Beatport Pro.

Lloyd Starr, Beatport President, says:

Drag the slider to the right to see Beat Navigator Pro fully applied

Beatport Pro After Beatport Pro Before
Beatport Pro Hold Bin
Beatport Pro Shopping Cart

Save money and find better music faster.

Beat Navigator Pro's built in mixer allows you to truly get a sense of how two tracks sound when mixed together. This is vital for planning a set. You can beat match the tracks, set cue points and loops, and adjust eq settings. Also, you can pitch tracks up or down, which is a popular request among Beatport Pro users.

Beat Navigator Pro's ability to search for a cheaper track will allow you to occasionally find cheaper versions of the music you want to buy. On Beatport Pro, there are many labels that re-release music at the full $2.49 price, where the same older tracks can be found for sometimes a dollar less. You can save quite a bit of money and support record labels that are first to release music.

Using Beatport Pro to search for quality, compatible tracks can be a tedious process. Why? Beatport Pro only displays the BPM in the waveform area after you have clicked a track's play button. Beat Navigator Pro instead displays BPM information automatically next to each track. Also, Beatport Pro only displays musical keys in the standard format. If you use the Mixed in Key software, you are probably accustomed to Camelot notation. Likewise, if you use Traktor, you may prefer Traktor's numerical, color-coded format. Beat Navigator Pro automatically displays track keys in these additional formats. Ever buy a track to be disappointed how short it is? Beatport Pro will only show you the duration when you play a track and then click the track's info button. In comparison, Beat Navigator Pro shows the duration of the track up front. Track cover art can be very helpful in identifying music. Beatport Pro hides cover art in the Shopping Cart and Hold Bin areas of its website. Beat Navigator Pro displays the cover art in these areas, allowing you to identify tracks easily. Lastly, Beatport Pro normally forgets what tracks you've played after navigating to a new page. Beat Navigator Pro remembers for Beatport Pro, and uses the played track icon correctly.

In many cases, you are not looking to immediately buy the good music you have found. Instead, saving these tracks for later is the best option. Beat Navigator Pro's "add to hold bin" button allows you to send tracks directly to the hold bin and bypass the shopping cart. You can then go through your hold bin and only purchase the tracks that fit your next mix.

Beat Navigator Pro's YouTube button searches for the track on YouTube, allowing you to possibly listen to the complete track and discover similar music.

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Beat Navigator Pro is truly an indispensable, time and money-saving music discovery tool for Beatport Pro.

  1. Install the extension into Chrome – download from here, click the Add to Chrome button, then click Add
  2. Go to, click GENRES in the upper-left corner and select a genre
  3. In the upper right corner of Beatport Pro, click TRACKS – you should see a list of tracks for the selected genre
  4. Click the black Beat Navigator Pro compass icon in the upper-right corner of the Chrome window
  5. Click the Beat Navigator Pro's green TOGGLE button
  6. You should see Beat Navigator Pro's rows and colored labels
  • March 23, 2016 – updated Beat Navigator Pro to v1.0.7. Fixed appearance of volume and equalizer sliders to comply with new Chrome changes ( Fixed font for track duration to comply with new Chrome changes. Removed send to hold bin button, as Beatport Pro now has this feature.
  • June 11, 2015 – updated Beat Navigator to v1.0.6. Fixed send to hold bin button issue caused by a Beatport Pro update, and added button links to Beat Navigator Pro.
  • June 8, 2015 – quietly launched Beat Navigator Pro v1.0.6. – new mix feature, new find cheaper track feature, updated send to hold bin code since Beatport Pro's code changed, other minor improvements.
  • March 26, 2015 – updated to v1.0.5. – improvement – played track history is now persistent through page refresh and browser close. Played tracks are now also remembered when Beat Navigator is toggled back on again. However, while toggled off, Beat Navigator will not remember tracks.
  • March 23, 2015 – updated to v1.0.4 – new feature – played tracks are now remembered when navigating through pages. Beat Navigator "does the remembering" for Beatport Pro and uses the same played track indicator Beatport uses (a circle around the triangle) for seamless integration. Your play history is remembered starting when Beat Navigator is toggled on and will be remembered until Beat Navigator is toggled off.
  • March 22, 2015 – updated to v1.0.3 – improvement – YouTube and send to hold bin buttons are now hidden on the "Thank You!" download page that appears after a purchase.
  • Beat Navigator will not show track information on Beatport Pro's home page – only the player waveform area is affected
  • Beat Navigator's modifications will not occur on the regular website. Beat Navigator is only compatible with
  • Unable to see the Follow buttons for My Beatport? This is unrelated to Beat Navigator. Disable your ad blocking software for and refresh the Beatport Pro website

By purchasing, you acknowledge the Beatport Pro website can be updated at any time without notification and render Beat Navigator Pro ineffective. Due to the nature of third-party software, there is no guarantee Beat Navigator Pro will always be available to support new versions of Beatport Pro.

Please note: Beatport Pro is a trademark or registered trademark of Beatport, LLC in the U.S. and/or other countries. "Beat Navigator Pro™" is not operated by, sponsored by, or affiliated with Beatport, LLC in any way.