How to Enable Traktor Timecode for Uncertified Mixers

The instructions and videos below are for Traktor versions older than 2.9.0. For Traktor versions 2.9.0 and newer, contact me at for special instructions – it still works, but different method.

Under normal conditions, your sound card or mixer must be Traktor Scratch Certified to allow Traktor timecode CDs and vinyl to control the decks in Traktor Scratch Pro 2. Native Instruments is selective with granting Traktor Scratch Certification to audio hardware. The workaround described below will show you how to enable Traktor Scratch control with your uncertified audio hardware. Yes, you can possibly save money by not having to purchase a separate, certified audio interface!

For this to work, your mixer needs to have a built-in sound card. In addition, you will need Traktor Scratch Pro 2 (regular Traktor Pro 2 will not work). After following the steps in the video, you will need to check your sound card's settings and your Traktor settings to make sure the inputs and outputs are configured correctly. So far, reports indicate this fix is compatible the following mixers: AudioBox 1818VSL, BCD3000, DDJ-SZ, Denon DJ DN-X600, DJM-750, DJM-S9, Focusrite Saffire PRO 14, Hercules DJConsole RMX 2, M-Audio Torq Conectiv, MAYA44 USB, Rane 61, Rane 62, Rane SL4, TTM57mkII, Vestax VCI-400 Ean Golden Edition, Xone:23C, Xone:DB2, Xone:DB4, and Xone:DX.

Proceed at your own risk. By making modifications to your Traktor installation, you may be violating Traktor's EULA. Although these videos have been available for over a year, Traktor can be updated to prevent these modifications. Before starting, Windows users should perform a registry backup and Mac OS users should back up the Traktor executable file. Also, be sure to test stability and performance before playing out.

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Mac OS Instructions

This is an example of getting a Xone:DB4 (uncertified mixer) to work with Traktor Scratch Pro 2 on Mac OS. This is an updated, improved video compared to the one from 2013. Essentially, the steps are to first find out the USB name of your sound card, back up the Traktor app, open the Traktor app in a hex editor and go to the correct position, patch in the name of your sound card among the certified devices, save your changes, open Traktor, and configure your sound card and Traktor inputs and outputs if necessary.

Windows Instructions

This is an example of getting a Xone:DB4 (uncertified mixer) to work with Traktor Scratch Pro 2 on Windows. Instead of editing the application itself as done in Mac OS, the same can be accomplished on Windows through modifications in the Windows registry. Note that if you're running 64-bit Windows (and you probably are), you will need to change the registry settings under Wow6432Node (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ASIO).

How to Install Traktor on Windows XP & Vista

Native Instruments officially discontinued Windows XP and Vista support in Traktor starting with Traktor version 2.5.0 (or so). If you try to install the latest version of Traktor in Windows XP or Vista, an error message will be displayed – "This product requires at least Windows 7. Setup cannot continue." The video below will show you how to extract the packaged Traktor install files and perform a manual installation.

Before starting the manual installation process, back up Traktor's settings by exporting a TSI file. You should also download WinRAR ahead of time. WinRAR, a popular utility you may already have installed, is used for executable extraction in this case.

With WinRAR installed, extract the setup files by right-clicking the Traktor setup executable > Extract Here. Once extraction completes, a "data" folder should be present. The data folder contains all of the files that are normally installed. Go to the "OFFLINE" folder. A bunch of unusual-looking folders are present. You will have to navigate through each folder until you find the Traktor executable, "Traktor.exe." Open up the Traktor installation directory you are assumed to have already. By default, the path is C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Traktor 2\. Rename the existing Traktor executable in order to back it up. Then copy over the new executable that you found a few moments ago. To get the new Traktor fully working, pay close attention to the remaining instructions in the video.

Again, proceed at your own risk.

Windows XP & Vista Instructions

If you are performing a fresh Traktor installation, YouTube commenter Cheetah Spottycat reported the following is effective: "Obtain and unrar the 2.6.0 (last working XP version, according to him) and 2.6.4 (or whatever the latest version is) installers next to each other. Copy the 2.6.4 executable over the 2.6.0 executable in the installer directory. Run the 2.6.0 update. Rename settings folder to 2.6.4. Register. Run. Works :)"